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About Giniio

Giniio AKA Goldenboy is a musical talent from Amsterdam Southeast of Surinamese descent. With a mother who was the support act for the Fugees at a young age, music was poured in with the young spoon. Giniio was raised with the music of Mary J Blidge and Marvin Gaye, but found inspiration in Michael Jackson. At the age of 10, the artist recorded his first video clip, but before that he was already busy writing raps. In addition to his talent for music, Giniio was also involved in dance, which brought him into contact with the guys from ValsBezig. Together they made the transition to music and the beginning of success was born.

After obtaining numerous gold and platinum records with ValsBezig, it is now time for Giniio to spread his wings and also work as a solo artist. With the ROQ ’N Rolla Music team by his side, Giniio is now ready to dominate the music world!