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About Kalibwoy

Kalibwoy (born Natalio Rijssel december 28th, 1987) has been a massive influence for the European Dancehall scene for the last decade. His journey began in 2003 when he decided to spend a year in his country of origin, Suriname. During this time, he developed a love for Reggae and Dancehall music. Back in the Netherlands he started working on his own music.

Over the years he developed a very strong work ethic that never left. From bringing his CD to the yearly Kwaku festival, asking if he could perform for a few minutes in 2007 to opening for Dancehall legend Vybez Kartel in 2009 and winning the prestigious ‘’Big Price of the Netherlands’’ the following year, he has made some great strides in his music career. In more recent years he has kept himself busy with traveling to Jamaica, Suriname, France, Portugal and Austria for shows and also focussing on big collaborations. In september of this year, his 2015 track ‘Palo’ featuring Puri and Kilate Tesla was used for the now infamous ‘SAVAGEXFENTY’ show by none other than Rihanna.