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About Piet Junior

Piet comes from a musical culture, the world of travelers. Where music is poured in with the young spoon. Piet would like to tell the story of his culture through his music, a culture that continues to fascinate the outside world worldwide. Countless programs and documentaries devoted to this subject, which often have a “funny” twist.

There is a lot of negativity surrounding the caravan dwellers, Piet has also been involved with this from an early age. He is not invited to children’s parties because he comes from “the camp”. At the age of 13 he starts making his own rap music. In this he could express his feelings and could tell his side of the story and be the voice of his people.

He made underground furore with songs like ‘Lovie’ and ‘Vlottejongens’ and has already worked with Esko, Young Ellens and Brace. But he was also streamed millions of times in the Dutch genre thanks to collaborations with Marlous and Tinus Hoekstra, among others. Via TRIFECTA, his debut EP ‘Van ‘t Kamp’ was released in 2020, containing the hit ‘Dingen Die Normal Are’, with an iconic video clip, and he was the support act for American rapper ‘The Game’ in Hedon. In 2021 Piet decided to focus more on feel good music with some more influences from the pop world. This can be heard on his most recent EP ‘Nirvana’ with ‘Alles wat ik doen’, ‘Nirvana’ & ‘T strand’.

In addition, his goal is to build bridges for the new generation of travelers.
To break prejudices, stigmas, create opportunities and reach more people through his music and him as a person. Let yourself be taken into the world without a voice-over, but by the voice of Piet Jr.